[Rune Quake] For a detailed overview of Rune-Quake, visit Rune Quake and checkout the 'Game Info' link which gives an overview of the mod. Make sure you bind keys to +hook for the grappling hook, rune-use to use runes and rune-delete to remove runes. Recommened Quake client is ezQuake, available at https://ezquake.github.io/ - this is a source port of Quake that runs great on modern hardware.

[Descent] The tracker running on satan.chickenkiller.com uses the Retro Descent 1/2 ports found at http://roncli.com/gaming/descent/retro - Install the software and edit the appropriate game's main .ini file. Find the -tracker_hostaddr entry and point it to fatbastard.mooo.com - Many thanks to Arch for coding the tracker.

[CS 1.6] The server is running CS 1.6 with AMX Mod and a variety of plugins. The PODBot plugin is enabled as well and will drop bots when human players connect.  [Email] if you have any questions.

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